Star Align Anime Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Should Know!

Star Align Anime Season 2 Release Date: The final episode of the original anime “Stars Align” aired in December 2019. Let’s learn more about Season 2 of the Star Align anime.


The show, which was initially known as Two-Cour, would receive a Stars Align Season 2 shortly after the director Kazuki Akane announced this; he has since provided an update on the show’s development.


Stars Align Season 2 Plot

I only recall that “Prince of Tennis” was a fantastic tennis anime. So this sports anime isn’t only about basketball and volleyball like most others. The main focus of the story, which takes place in a typical high school, is on the people in it.

Star Align Anime Season 2 Release Date

These sports incidents will serve as a great source of inspiration for those who enjoy stories about the underdog. This makes “Hoshiai no Sora” a must-see for anime aficionados.

You might be wondering if the show will return after its first season is complete. You can find all the information you need on this page. A junior high school’s soft tennis club is almost finished since not enough students sign up.

As a result, Maki Katsuragi, a gifted student and member of his club, is someone Touma Shinjou genuinely wants to join. He agrees to play, but Katsuragi requires that he be paid for to continue. The two decide to win the upcoming state championship and keep the tennis club at their school alive.

Stars Align Season 2 Release DateĀ 

Stars Align’s Season 2 is set to feature Justin Briner’s voice actor Maki Katsuragi. He is an excellent student but not a very good tennis player, but he swiftly rises to the top of the soft tennis club despite this. He moved in with his mother when his parents got divorced and now takes care of the family’s errands.

Star Align Anime Season 2 Release Date

Josh Grelle plays Toma Shinjo, the captain of the school’s soft tennis team, in Season 2 of Stars Align. He was the only one who truly cared about the game before Maki arrived.

The second season is also anticipated to feature characters such as Itsuki Ameno (Derick Snow), Rintaro Fusu (Garret Storms), Tsubasa Soga (Rico Fajardo), and Shingo Takenouchi (Adam Gibbs), Nao Tsukinose (Matt Shipman), and Taiyo Ishigami (Taiyo Ishigami). (Said by Dallas Reid’s voice)

The voices of Tia Ballard and Mikaela Krantz are also slated to appear as Kaori Kasuga, Aya Katsuragi, Kenji Kyobate, and Toma’s mother in the program.

Know More About Stars Align Season 2

Kazuki Akane of Studio 8bit created the original Japanese anime TV series Star Align, which is distinctive in both its style and content. The 12th episode of 2019 was the final one.

Soon after, the show’s creator Kazuki Akane said that it would receive a second season under the title “Stars Align,” which he has since done. The show was initially known as “Two-Cour.”

Star Align Anime Season 2 Release Date

This series has focused on the middle school’s soft tennis club, which is going to be disbanded due to a lack of participation from pupils.

Touma Shinjou urges Maki Katsuragi, a talented classmate, to join the group that plans to represent their school in an upcoming tournament because he wants to save his club.

Katsuragi consents but demands payment because he wants something in return. The two of them then agreed to work together to save their school’s tennis club as well as win the next state championship.

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