Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Episode 2: Release Date, Preview, and much more!

Strike Witches

The TV anime series, strike witches plot is set in a past year of 1940 in the month of June and narrates a story as to what happened in that year, in that month on fifth. The Empire of Karlsland which is in Berlin goes out of light the last night and there is only darkness. Some enemies of humans appear out of nowhere and the population is in danger, these enemies are called Neuroi.


These enemies are attacking the whole city and even destroyed Europe the next day.  They are not stopping at violence, they are stealing from homes and the entire nation. But at just the right time the humans develop a weapon which can defeat the enemies or Neuroi.



The second episode of the fiction anime series will release on fourteenth October on Wednesday. The weekly series releases a new episode evry Wednesday. The time announced for the same is ten PM. This is the JST time so you can covert it to your country’s local time to ensure you do not miss the episode.

Road to Berlin Episode 2


The preview video of the upcoming episode has been uploaded on the official Youtube channel, so you can check it out for more additional details. The video is also available on other sites as well.


This contains the spoilers of the first episode of the strike witches anime series, so if you have not seen the episode yet read carefully.  The witch have created a girl who can use magic, she has been created with help of technology. The girl is named Yoshika who saves a girl from the attack of a bear. The girl does not kill or ferociously attack the bear, but decides to train him.

Then she decides that she will use her gift of magic for the good of people and will save them from the beasts.


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