Sub Zero Chapter 87: Release Date, Spoilers, and much more!

Sub Zero Chapter 87: Those who have been waiting endlessly for the next episode of this famous manga, Sub Zero, the wait is definitely over. The show is all set for the release of its 87th chapter to continue winning the hearts of people and add spice to the already popular intriguing storyline of the series. Here’s everything you need to know about Sub Zero Chapter 87 from its release date to all the latest updates about it.

When will Sub Zero Chapter 87 release?

The new episode of this manga series is dropped every week on Monday. So, the Sub Zero Chapter 87 is scheduled to be released on 21 September 2020, on Monday. There’s not much much time left for the latest episode to air so brace yourselves up to watch the upcoming episode very soon.

What happened in Sub Zero Chapter 86?

The previous episode of the manga series revolved around the relationship between Kryo and Clove with the maids of the Azure Castle gossiping about them. The show showed glimpses of Kryo and Clove spending their golden time together and sharing their deepest feelings with each other. Kryo confesses that he cares a lot about Clove and that she is very safe and protected with him. He also adds that he is tired of people taking interest in his personal life. On the other hand, Clove also speaks her heart out about how much Kryo means to him and that she cares about him too. The two end up enjoying their beautiful moments together.

Following this, Kryo ends up entering the dragon realm where he finds Red Azure dragon asking him about his feeling. The Red Azure dragon makes Kryo feel pain from his tattoo on his shoulder and tells Kryo that he has to feel the pain inflicted by Clove over him. To which Kryo denies saying that she has not done anything that would hurt him or cause him pain. Red replies that it not Clove but the Blue Azure within her that causes him pain.

Red Azure believes that Blue Azure is his enemy who wishes to eliminate his existence. Kryo ensures if Clove will remain safe and unaffected and asks Red Azure to help him save Clove to which Red says that he has done his share of responsibility. Kryo wakes up finding Clove nowhere to be seen.

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