Sub Zero Chapter 89: Release Date, Spoilers, and much more!

Sub Zero Chapter 89: Let’s see what is happening inside the Azure King, led by Princess Clove and prince Kryo. In the evening, the commander of the Guards notices that something suspicious is going on, and one of the guards is up to something. She asked the guard that what he is doing up so late in this hour. The guard replied that he is here to deliver the suppliers.


The commander asks him that he wants to see what is inside the crate. The guard said, yes, you can see while he was trembling, and suddenly another guard appears and hit the commander on the head. And that guard who hit the commander said that you would see very soon what was inside the cart.


The next day Kryo wakes and starts searching for clove but wasn’t able to find her. Kryo started worrying about Clove because her life is in danger as the vessel of her blue Azure dragon holds the essence of two ancient beasts. As long as Red keeps interfering, she won’t be able to shift.

Release date of chapter 89 of Sub Zero

Every Monday, there is a new chapter for sub-zero coming out. So has Pardes on 29th September 2020, chapter 89 will be released.

Sub Zero Chapter 89

About chapter 88

Clove told that the second batch of caravans had been dispatched. Captain Nouren Told Clove that people of the caravans will arrive next week. She told everyone not to give up as they decided to rebuild; they want the villages to get their land as it was destroyed in the war and want to restore the Life Of The villagers.

Fri said that she believes in Clove but not in Kryo because he doesn’t compromise easily. Clove did everything and convinces Fei that she should believe in the Prince. And meanwhile, Kryo said to the commander that the Council could wait as he wants to see someone.

And later, he met Clove and asked her where she has been to. She said that she was tired and did not want to disturb anyone, so she woke up and left. They let Fei out of prison, and she wants to reveal the truth about the masked man so that she would be free.


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