Sub Zero Chapter 90: Release Date, Spoilers, and much more!

Sub Zero Anime

In this post, we will discuss the updates regarding Sub Zero Chapter 90 including its release date, spoilers and much more.

Release Date of Sub Zero Chapter 90:

Sub Zero Chapter 90 is scheduled to release on 12 October 2020 that is Monday. Every Monday the manga comes up with a new episode. This post may contain spoilers for the next chapter. So watch out if you don’t like spoilers and take a look at more updates about Sub Zero Chapter 90.

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Sub Zero Chapter 90

Since prisoner Fei wishes to tell the truth about the mask guys, she gathers everyone. She tells them that she has known the Jade Vipers for a long time. And in earlier times, when the village lost everything Jade Viper saved Fei as well as her village. Jade Vipers saved her from starvation and death. When asked by Clover as to what she did for them in the past ten years, She replied that she has worked as a maid for them. In addition, it was her duty to provide them with the secret information that could be used as a means of extortion. Clover was curious to know about the leader of the Jade Vipers and asked her about the same. To this, she replies that she has heard that some of them are men of power while others are mere mercenaries. And the leader possesses unnatural abilities.

Previously on Sub Zero Chapter 89

The leader of the Jade Vipers finds the weakness of the dragon. When Clive asked Fei about the poison, she started coughing and said that she was unaware about it. Clove tells her not to be afraid. And their conversation is heard by two guards 


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