Sung Jin-Woo and Hae-in’s ‘Date’ in Chapter 155!

The new chapter of Solo Leveling recently dropped. Naturally, it was critically acclaimed. If you do not know, Solo Leveling is a huge phenomena in the manga industry. It is one of those series that any action fan should read. The new chapter of the manga recently came and the fans are excited about the same. They want to see how the events unfold in the next chapter of the series.


The series started as an action packed web novel and was written by Chugong. But, it was later converted into a manga series. So, firstly let us start by seeing what happened in the previous episode of this series.


Solo Leveling Chapter: 154

The opening of Chapter 154 is great. The huge gates open and the world is struck with fear. There were Scientists who investigate matters of gates, dungeons and mana who warn the world that all they can do is pray.

We can also see Sung Jin-Woo talking to the President of South Korean Hunters’ Association. Then, the President informs him that he has some free time on his hands. This chapter also ends in an interesting way. Thomas Andre says that he cannot leave the USA, he says that he cannot leave behind such a beautiful thing.

Solo Leveling: Sung Jin-Woo and Hae-in’s Date

In this episode, Sung Jin-Woo decides to take Hae-in out for a date. Why, you ask? Because he considers that both of them are friends. This is because something happened during the Jeju Island raid. He heard her calling him a friend during these raids itself.

It was revealed that both of them had always wanted to go there. None of them find the rides thrilling enough. Well, we can’t blame them because both of them are two hunters.

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