Tamaki Shiratori joins the cast of The Way of the Househusband manga

The way of the househusband which is a live-action manga series declared on their official twitter account that Tamaki Shiratori will play the role of Himawari who is the daughter of Tatsu and Miku. Her joining of the cast was an impulse action by the creators of the show to make it more relatable to its viewers.


The series has been directed by Toichiro Ruto and one of the screenwriters of the shoe is Uda Manabu.



The manga was launched two years ago in 2018 in the month of February and the fifth volume of the manga was premiered in June nine. It has been published in English translation as well by Viz Media. And the fourth volume will be released on Tuesday.

The show will air in the next month in October on eleventh. The episodes will be premiered every Sunday at 10:30 pm. You will be able to watch the show on the English network.

Househusband Tamaki Shiratori
Tamaki Shiratori Househusband


The character of the daughter was an original addition by the creators of the show and it is not there in the manga. To see the photo of the cast as a family you can check the twitter account.

The role of Miku, who is the wife of Tatsu will be played by Haruna Kawaguchi. As told Himawari, their daughter will be played by Tamaki. And the main character Tatsu will be played by Japanese actor Hiroshi Tamaki.

Another side character which includes Masa will be played by Jun Shison.

An elementary school girl, Himawari is much more mature as compared to her age. Often times she is even more composed and mature than her own mother.

The show is comical and will not fail to make you laugh, so do not miss the episodes on Sunday and make your weekend fun with this.


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