Tatsuhika Suzuki To Play a Former Punk in Burning Kabaddi TV Anime

Burning Kabaddi TV Anime

A new cast member has been revealed for burning kabaddi or in Japanese known as Shakunetsu Kabaddi. This is an anime which has been adapted from full contact sports manga by Hajime Musahino. This manga revolves around a former soccer player who gets sucked into the world of a highly competitive and physical sport which has originated in India.



In this anime that is burning kabaddi, the role of Kyouhei Misumi will be voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki who is a second year student in high school and a member of the kabaddi club at Noukin High. He was a delinquent in junior high so he has decided to clean up his image and re enter high school. But Kei Iura has held an evidence which has a video of Kyouhei’s past behavior and then he encourages him to join the kabaddi club. He has been playing kabaddi for a year and a month approximately.


burning kabaddi


Burning kabaddi ‘s story follows Tatsuya Yoigoshi who was a former soccer ace but has given up on sports after he graduates from middle school. One day he is approached by the captain of Noukin high school kabaddi club, known as Masato Ohiyo and he asks him to join the club.

Tatsuya thinks that the sport of kabaddi is just a joke, but his athletic talent wakes up again after he attends a practice match which makes him realize that the sport is actually closer to a martial arts competition.


The visual of the character revealed is available on the official site of Crunchyroll which is one of the biggest digital platform to read manga and stream anime shows. This anime series has been directed by Kazuy Ichikawa and the production of the animation has been done by TMS Entertainment.


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