Teaser for ‘This Is It!’ Project About Anime Production Assistant has been released

This is it Anime teaser

This is it Teaser – Kadokawa is a publishing company in Japan. It holds many publishing houses under it. There is a new project undergoing which is This is it! Seisaku Shinko SHinonome Jiro. The meaning of it in English is This is it! Production Assistant Jiro Shinonome.

Teaser for ‘This Is It!’

On Thursday Kadokawa started streaming a new teaser video for its new project. The new project is This is it! Production Assistant Jiro Shinonome. The video involves the voices of Hisako Kanemoto as Inori Amamitsuki, a friend of Jori. Inori is an anime fan and encourages Jiro as well. And another voice is of Tasuku Hatanaka as Jiro Shinonome. A Protagonist and a jobless boy. He is trying to start work at his elder brother’s anime production house as a production assistant.

However, Kadokawa kept the format of the project a secret, didn’t tell anyone about it. Kadokawa is one of the most leading publishing houses in Japan. It has a brilliant collection of manga series. And they are so good that almost every manga gets adapted into anime series or live-action films. But however, the teaser video has some images which resemble the layout sheets of the anime production by Kadokawa. Soon all the details regarding the new project will be out. Also, Kadokawa will be going to stream teaser videos every day till 27th October 2020. And further, any changes or updates will be announced on the official website of Kadokawa or the anime.

The concept writing for the Hypnosis Mic franchise is done by Yūichirō Momose for the characters and as for the scriptwriting for the project, it will be done by Setting. Sekihiko Inui is the creator of the manga. He worked in Murder princess, Ratman, and Comic Party as well. Also apart from this Sekihiko Inui is also drawing the video illustrations and doing pretty great.


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