The God of High School gets a new AR filter on Instagram

God of High School Instagram Filter

Rejoice fans! As there is a good news for the fans of anime series, The God of High School. There will be more excitement added to the ultimate tournament all  because of the new AR filter of the Crunchyroll. Curious to know more? Then read all the details below in the article


The God of High School Gets A New AR Filter

The Crunchyroll  brings a new AR filter for  the anime series which will feature the all three lead cast from the original Crunchyroll anime, which is based on WEBTOON series created by Yongje Park, The new AR filter can be used by the fans easily through the Instagram as well as the Facebook account of the Crunchyroll.


More Details About The AR Filter:

The AR filter can be accessed easily by just visiting on to the Instagram account of the Crunchyroll  on your mobile devices. But make sire ti follow the offical Crunchyroll account

Right from there one has to do a simple tap on the smiley face icon which is above the feed! One has to tap onto the  screen along with using the filters one will be able to rotate in between 3 distinctive characters  who are

Jin Mori, Yoo Mira and Han Daewi so prepare yourself to fetch the best fighter in the real world.

How To Use The AR Filter Of Anime On Facebook.

The easiest procedure to access the filter on Facebook is to just simply hit the link which is embedded in the video post and on the mobile device. Then one will be able to add it one’s own story of Facebook.

The AR filter of The God of High School is available in all 8 distinct languages which are associated with every regional Crunchyroll Instagram.

The God of High School: More Details.

The season 1 for the anime series The God of High School has concluded with 13 episodes on 28th September, from there fans are very eager to know more about the series second part to come but as now there hasn’t been any information disclosed by them.


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