The Journey of Elaina Episode 2: Release Date, Preview and much more!

The Journey of Elaina Episode 2: The anime series based on a novel of the same name got a lot of fan following after its first episode was released last week. The novel written by Jougi Shirashi has been illustrated by Azure and has published a total of thirteen volumes in total.


The wandering witch, Elaina is back with yet another adventure and travel story. In the first episode we saw her reveal that her favorite adventure is inspired by the witch Nike . She has wanted to go and travel the world just like her.  After a few years when Elaina has learned to fly she decides to complete her dreams.



The second episode of the journey of Elaina which has been written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu will release this Friday that is on ninth October at nine in the night. New episodes of this amazing anime releases on every Friday. The volume was firstly published in this year in the month of January.

The Journey of Elaina Episode 2
The Journey of Elaina Episode 2


As our favorite witch travels around the world without any ultimate aim or goal in her life she just explores adventures. She meets a lot of people during her journey and promises to meet them again once in her future life.

To watch the preview of the second episode you can check out the official YouTube channel. The video of the same is available on other websites also.

During one journey the main character of the web series meets a boy who is in reality a prince but does not know about the same. During another journey, Elaina even meets her mentor, Fran and reunites with the witch. Her mentor motivates and encourages her to carry on her journeys.

Do watch the second episode of the series as it will surely be entertaining and make you want to travel too.


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