The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Episode 8: Release Date And More Information

Anos Voldigoad and Lay Glanzudlii, the battle between two is at its peak. So get ready to see the final battle in the misfit of demon king Academy episode 8.


Anos’ hair started the battle between him and the fake demon king. He also knows that fake demon king is not as powerful as him, and he knows his moves also, so he was quickly making him weak. But after a point in the fight, demon king comes with a new move ‘ sudden death’.


But Anos quickly dodge away from this move and again make him the powerful one. Everyone start sharing for Anos. He was attacking him like he wants to kill him and getting all the praise. After all this, it was predictable that Anos will be the winner.

Preview of episode 7 misfit of Demon king

Well, Anos Voldigod was the winner. Everyone was so happy that he won the match. After him, the other fight was of Lay Glanzudii. And he was able to take down his opponent.

Now the fight was between Lay and Anos, and Lay told him that he would kill him because he belongs to the royal family, and Anos does not. But Anos manages to win the fight and make a hole in Lay’s Chest.


Anos was winning the fight, and the other day, he had to fight with Emilia. She defeats her, and she begs him for life. So he gave her a curse that she will never be able to kill herself and never to kill an innocent human.

The release date for episode 8 of the misfit demon king Academy

Every Saturday, there is a new episode of Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha. So episode eight will be on 22 August 2020, which is today. You can watch the show on Crunchyroll. The time of the streaming of the show will be different according to the region where you live.


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