The Night Beyond The Tricornered Window live-action film to release on January 2021


The official Twitter account of Tomoko Yamashita’s The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window (Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru) boys-love manga announces that the film is all ready to release super soon! Here all the information regarding the new live-action film.


On the official website of the film, it was written that they have made an in-depth decision on the film and announced it postponed it to next year. They also wrote that there really sorry to those who were looking forward to the film and for the delay.


Release Date for the film

First, the film was scheduled to get the release on 30th October 2020, but due to the effect of coronavirus, the creators and producers of the firm decided to postpone it. The impact of the pandemic was very high today agreed that it would be better to postpone the film.

So now, on the official account of the night beyond the tricornered window, they announce that the film will be going to release on January 22, 2021. With the new release date, the creators also released a trailer for the film.

The cast for the night beyond the tricornered window

The cast of the film is listed below:-

Masaki Okada (live-action Gintama, Space Brothers, Future Diary) as Rihito Hiyakawa

• Jun Shison (live-action anohana, Ressha Sentai Tokkyūger) as Kosuke Mikado.

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window

Yukihiro Morigaki will direct the film, and Tomoko Aizawa writes the script. The night the on the try cornered window will be released digitally as sublime decided the Manga should release digitally because of the ongoing situation.

Yamashita launched the manga in Libre Publishing’s Magazine BExBOY in March 2013. The publisher releases the ninth volume of Manga on September 10th. In October 2019, SuBLime released the sixth volume digitally. And on October 27, it will release the seventh volume.

The storyline of the night beyond the try cornered window

Shy bookstore clerk Kosuke Mikado can see Ghosts and spirits. And kind of ability he never wanted because it terrifies him a lot. Rihito Hiyakawa, who is an exorcist whose supernatural powers are as mighty as his social graces are weak, doesn’t seem to worry anything, mortal or otherwise. The story will be these two characters meeting together and solving a case.

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