The Promised Neverland Franchise will be Getting a 4th Novel

Promised Neverland Franchise

On Monday, the franchise of The Promised Neverland franchise has revealed the fourth novel that the franchise is getting. The anime series first DVD booklet will be there in the novel. And apart from this, it will be present in Jump Giga magazine and as well as a new short story. It will be going to ship on 4th December with the franchise handbook.


The title of the novel is Yaksoku no Neverland: Omoide no Film- tachi. Again it will be written by Nanao.


Yakusoku no Neverland: Norman kara no Tegami is the first novel adaptation of the manga. It shipped in June 2018 in Japan. The second novel adaptation of manga is Yakusoku no Neverland: Mama-Tachi no Tsuisōkyoku. And this one shipped in January 2019. The story of this novel is about Sister Krone and Isabella. And as for the third novel adaptation, Yakusoku no Neverland: Senyū-Tachi no Record. It released on 2nd October. The story follows Lucas and Yuugo.

Nanao’s previous 3 novels

Posuka Demizu and Kaiu Shirai launched The Promised Neverland manga. It released in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in August 2016 for 4 years and ended it in June 2020. the manga is digitally managed by Viz Media. And in North America completely. MANGA Plus has also published the manga in English digitally. Apart from this, a new separated chapter of the manga will going to release in Tokyo at an exhibition.

What else to know about it?

An anime adaptation premiered in January 2019. Aniplex of America streamed the anime on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation, and HIDIVE as it aired. Toonami began airing the anime in April 2019. Anime’s second season pushed to January 2021 because of the Pandemic effects on the productions.

A live-action film adaptation of the manga will open on December 18. Amazon is developing a separate, English-language live-action series adaptation of the manga.


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