The Roman Fighter Episode 8 Release Date And Latest Updates

The Roman Fighter is one of the most popular Japanese manga series of all time. The show earned immense popularity when it released only a few episode. But, it reached so much audience that the producers had no option but to renew it for another season.


Yes, we are right. We want to let all the fans know the the premier of Season 1 has already come and gone. A few of the episodes have already dropped and fans are loving every moment of it. So, let us see what happened in the previous episodes of the show.


The Roman Fighter Episode 7: What previously happenedĀ 

We are shown the overworked slave workers. They are under a disbelief because they are unable to make heads and tails of how they have survived working for 2 days without even taking any rest.

The blond person is shown to be worried about these work conditions. He is telling to himself that this is the reason why most people are getting injured so much. The blondie is not able to hold a spoon which can be a direct consequence of this overworking.

The slave workers are even eating with proper conditions. They have been eating like dogs and can’t even use spoons. The blond person tells this Cestvs. Cestvs replies by saying to him that he should stop complaining about these conditions. He adds on by saying that these workers should remember what their masters have taught them.

The Roman Fighter Episode 8: Release Date and Information

The next episode will focus around Cestvs. The workers are shown building a road to Rome. All of the workers end up taking a break when the guards tell them to do so. But not Cestvs. He continues to work and continues to dig.

The next episode will be coming out on 3rd June on Crunchyroll.

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