This Ultimate Next-Gen Episode 9: Everything a Fan Should Know

The previous episode of This Ultimate Next-Gen was a nail biter. The episode saw the Knights meeting the high-ups. They contemplated upon joining the City Guard and joining the fight alongside Tesla.


Hiro suddenly comes to the realisation that there is only a 0.1 percent chance of survival. It can sure mean death or the remaining chance to destroy the console of Hiro. We are taken back to the real world where we see Hiro thinking that he should quit the game. Though he ends up pressing the login button and encounters a hooded man. He looks at his console and its destroyed.


This Ultimate Next-Gen Episode 8: What happened previously

We are shown Hiro in a confusion as he wonders why is everything related to the password. He ends up writing the words of Promise: “We’s Best Friends Forever”. When he enters the words of promise, we can see the hooded man commenting on the same. He says that Hiro has escaped his childhood friend.

The hooded man seems to have all the secrets. He reveals that the goblin assault is one hell of an event and the difficulty is SS. But, it does not have much effect on our Hiro. He says that once he is able to clear the level, he will be able to figure out the secret of the Ted City.

The Hooded man then advices Hiro. He tells him to use his brain and keep his eyes open. The hooded man lets him in on the chances of survival and tries to be honest with him. Hiro comes to the realisation that he has a big task ahead of him.

This Ultimate Next-Gen Episode 9: Release Date

This Ultimate Next-Gen Episode 9 will be releasing on Wednesday, 2nd June, 2021. You will able to stream the show on Funimation.

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