Though You May Burn to Ash Spin-off Manga Will Be Ending in 5th Volume

Though you may burn to ash Manga

Though you may burn to ash is a Japanese Manga series. It is written by Kakashi Oniyazu. The first serialization of Tough you may burn to ash in the Young Gangan magazine was published in December 2015.


Manga Will Be Ending in 5th Volume

Square Enix recently announced that the 5th volume of Though everything becomes Ash (Sei Tsujimori’s Subete Hai ni Natte mo) will be going to end in its 5th volume. Though everything becomes ash is a spinoff series of Though you may burn to ash by Kakashi Oniyazu. Also known as Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo. The volume will be going to ship on 7th October 2020.


In 2019 the 56th chapter of Though you may burn to ash was published and considered as the final chapter as Oniyazu passed away. But the 6th compiled volume of the manga was published in April 2019 by Square Enix. Apart from this Yen Press is going to release the manga in North America soon.

Though you may burn to ash

The plot of the manga

The story revolves around Ryouma, who needs urgently 1 billion yen. He needs the money for his sister, but he lost his life for that.

Now he’s stuck in Limbo with a sadistic angel named Kroel and four other victims of fate. If he could just make money from other bad ways or do some gambling he might have the money for his sister’s treatment and also could save his life, which was a waste. Your life is worth more than some amount of money. But if he fails, it’s ashes to ashes, dust to dust–for all eternity! He couldn’t save himself and lost his life for his sister.

Sake no. Marine and Tsujimori launched the spinoff manga Subete Hai ni Natte mo on Square Enix’s Manga Up! app in October 2018. The manga’s fourth volume shipped on February 12.


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