Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan To Get A Live Action Adaptation Starting December 28.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga

Reportedly, on 14 October Wednesday NHK announced on their official website that they’re producing a 3 episode live action series adaptation of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan. It is sequel manga for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga by Hirohiko Araki.


All you need to know about the live action adaptation of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan!

Issei Takahashi is going to play the lead role of Rohan Kishibe in the series. The episodes of this adapted live action series will release on December 28,29 and 30 on the NHK channel at 10:00 PM JST and 8:00 AM EST.


As per the reports, the initial episode will be be focused on the manga’s Fugō Mura tale, in which Rohan is dragged into an incident inside the mansion of a millionaire. The second episode will be focused on the manga’s. Kushagara short tale by Bullad Kitaguni in sequels of the novel, it sees Rohan receiving a weird request from the creator of the manga Jugo Shishi. The third and the last episode is named as D.N.A and it focuses on a tale from the manga in which Rohan investigates lost memory via hypnosis of his editor.

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

The other cast includes :

Marie Citoyo as Kyoka Izumi (Editor of Rohan)

Fūga Shibazaki as Ikkyū ( a butler in the mansion of millionaire)

Mirai Moriyama as Jūgo Shishi ( colleague of Rohan)

Kumi Takiuchi as Mai Katahira (a widow)

Tomaya Nakamura as Tarō Hirai ( camera person companying Kyoka)

The series is directed by Kazutaka Watanbe and the scripting is done by the popular anime writer Yasuko Kobayashi. The music of the series is composed by Naruyoshi Kikuchi. In 2013 November, the original compiled book volume of the other were published by Shueisha, along with the newest instalment named episode 10 : The Run, published for the first time in weekly shonen jump magazine of Shuiesha.


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