tMnR’s ‘If I Could Reach You’ manga to reach its climax in October

Ichijinsha’s Comic Yurihime magazine’s November issue came with the revelation that If I Could Reach You manga would reach its climax in its next issue.


This Yuri manga revolves around a teenage high school girl Uta who moves in with her brother and his wife. This transition leads Uri to explore her sexuality as she develops an extreme crush on her sister in law.


The magazine issue with the forthcoming end will come on October 17.

Tatoe Todokanu Ito da toshitemo or If I Could reach you manga first appeared in Comic Yurihime November 2016, and its English version for the same came out in September 2019 by Kodansha Comics.

This manga is known for its exquisite artwork and a stunning plot. The manga series bewitchingly expresses the inner war Uta faces. Her crush on Karou is a source of deep trouble for Uta as she also doesn’t want to cause pain to her brother.

If I Could Reach You

Volume four of If I Could Reach You

The fourth volume to the manga series came out on March 24.

Kodansha Comics describes the volume as:

Ever since Uta opened up to her during their getaway, Karou finds it more difficult to face her. Knowing full well why Karou’s been evasive, Uta finds way to keep busy at school, at work, and with her friends. But before Karou can figure out how to move forward, Uta and Reichi’s mother returns to Japan and soon, Uta might be whisked away to Japan for good.

 The fifth volume to the manga will release on October 20. It will be followed by the sixth volume in 2021.

The first two mangas were translated by Diana Taylor edited by Haruko Hoshimino while the later parts are written by equally suitable for the job Kevin Steinbach. Jennifer Skarupa’s lettering for the manga series was also praised.

If I Could Reach You manga is published by the Penguin Random House while the digital print for the series is printed by Kodansha Comics.


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