Tower of God ’s Original Soundtrack By Kevin Penkin Has Now Been Released

Kevin Penkin

If you’re fan of the original series of Crunchyroll ‘Tower Of God’, you would have definitely loved the soundtrack and music of the series, composed by Kevin Perkin. Kevin Perkin is very popular for his amazing score in the Made In Abyss anime adaptation. Hence, Crunchyroll was fortunate enough to work with the composer in Tower Of God and he delivered powerful engaging soundtracks that matches best with the tale of Tower Of God.


Recently, Sony Music Masterworks and Milan Records classical divisions made an official announcement and launched the spectacular soundtracks, there are total of 44 tracks and now they are accessible across the massive media platforms and other services of downloads. Moreover, cause of the quantity of the music and total length the physical launch of the soundtracks was not possible.


Tower of God

The list of original soundtracks of Tower Of God by Kevin Perkin!

01. Ignition

02. Irregular God

03. Church

04. Summit

05. Rachel

06. The Bubble in Wine Glass

07. Stars

08. Guardian

09. Ma

10. The Lighthouse & the Fisherman

11. Chamber

12. Shinsu (feat. feeding|ear) 

13. 25+Light

14. 3/400 (feat. Raj Ramayya)  

15. The Bull

16. Lotus (feat. James Landino & Raj Ramayya)  

17. Aquarium

18. Lero Ro (feat. Jeremy Lim)

19. Alita

20. The Burning House by the Lake

21. Rebels

22. Berserker Bam

23. Examiner (feat. Raj Ramayya)

24. Prisoners (feat. Mason Lieberman)

25. Rak

26. Glitchkick

27. Black March

28. Crown Game

29. Khun (feat. Ben Mathews) 

30. Chrysanthemum

31. Interlude Mirrors

32. Door Test

33. Two Cathedrals

34. Neon Plastic Bag

35. Facing the Enemy (feat. feeding|ear) 

36. Wolf

37. Time

38. Silent

39. Birdsong

40. GodSuite I “White Steel Eel”

41. GodSuite II “Anaak” (feat. feeding|ear) 

42. GodSuite III “Green April”

43. GodSuite IV “Endorsi”

44. The 25th Bam (feat. Raj Ramayya) 

Kevin Perkin stated by commenting on his experience that, For him composing music for Tower Of God was an extraordinary challenge and he is thankful to the co-composers, musicians and the staff for making this possible.


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