Trailer for Zoids Wild Senki Net Anime gets released

Zoids wild Trailer

Zoids wild is a Japanese anime series. It is based on Zoids model kits. And produced by Takara Tomy. It will be the fifth anime of Zoids.


Trailer is released for Zoids

The official website of Takara Tomy has recently released on the official trailer for Zoida wild Senki which is Chronicle of Zoids Wild war. This will be a new battle anime on the Zoids franchise. The trailer was released on 9th October 2020. Every month there will be a new episode of 3 minutes each releasing on the youtube channels of Takatara Tomy and CoroCoro. It will be going to start on 17th October 2020.


This project was announced in 2018 by Takara Tomy. And includes manga, anime, model kits, and 2 games.

Wild was premiered in 2018 and consists of 50 episodes. And after that Zoids wild zero which is its sequel premiered in October 2019. But the series eventually got delayed in May because of the pandemic. And resumed after some time in June.

Zoids wild

What else to know about Zoids?

The anime was also premiered on Netflix on 14th August 2020 in Us. First, two seasons were streamed and the second half-season was released on 1st October 2020.

In 1983 Takara Tomy has also launched a sci-fi Zoids anime as a model kit line. Michiro Ueyama drew about 14 volumes of mangas in the period of 1999- 2001. That later got translated into English by Viz Media under Zoids Chaotic century and released in 2002- 2003. This manga series has inspired many Zoids anime. For eg. Zoids: Chaotic Century Tv series which was aired from 1999- 2000. And after which about 3 anime series are made, Like Zoids: Fuzors which was released from 2003 to 2004, Zoids Zero which was premiered in 2001, and Zoids Genesis which was premiered in 2005 to 2006. Apart from this CN has also aired Zoids. The animes of Zoids which were aired on Cartoon Network are Zoids Zero, Zoids: fusors, and Zoids: Chaotic Century.


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