True Cooking Master Boy: Season 2 of the TV anime to come in 2021

True Cooking Master Boy

True Cooking Master Boy  is a television anime whose first season premiered in October in Japan the previous year. Now the official website of the anime reveals that the anime’s second season will premiere next year in 2021.


Not only this, but five new visuals of the characters were also revealed on the same day that is Monday. For more details about True Cooking Master Boy season 2, continue reading the article further.


Season 2 to premiere in 2021:

The television anime of Etsushi Ogawa’s Shin Chūka Ichiban was streamed by Crunchyroll. The first series that aired in Japan consisted of a total of 12 episodes.

All about directors and producers of the manga:

Itsuro Kawasaki is the director of the series. His other shows include the Lad, shining Hearts, Chrome shelled Regios, and The Legend of the legendary heroes. Also, the characters are defined by Saki Hasegawa. He has directed many animations including Flip Flappers, A.I.C.O -Incarnation, and many others. The music is composed by Jun Ichikawa. The manga is produced by NAS and Production I.G. In addition, the planning and production of the anime were also taken care of by  JY Animation. 


The storyline of True Cooking Masterboy:

So those who have already watched the first season of the kanga know that the story is set during the fictitious 19th century in China. The story of the anime revolves around a chef from Szechuan. His name is Liu Maoxing. He learns cooking from his mother. Further in the series, he saves his mother’s restaurant. All the chefs in China are seen competing in culinary tests of ability. Not only this, but The master chef is also granted huge respect. So Liu Maoxing also starts his journey to become one. How he battles with other cooking styles is very well portrayed in the series.

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