Tsukiuta The Animation 2 will premiere on Tokyo Mx on October 7

TSUKIUTA Animation 2 is all set to premiere on October 7.  It is produced by Children’s Playground Entertainment. Just a few days ago the official website for the Tsukiuta project announced that the eagerly awaited TV anime Tsukiuta The Animation season 2 is finally ready to premiere on October 7 on various TV stations.


Release Date

The new season will air on Tokyo MX on October 7th at 10:30 p.m. Later that night, it will also premiere on KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and Nagoya TV, before debuting on BS11 on October 8th at 24:00.


The second season of Tsukiuta was confirmed back in November 2018. Initially, it was planned to premiere in 2019 but got delayed for a number of times. The premiere date was first postponed to April 2020 than July 2020 as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the now announced final date is October 2020.


Tsukiuta The Animation season 1 was a huge success and the second season is coming after such a long wait. Season 1 aired between July and September 2016 on Tokyo MX, BS11, and several other TV channels.

Tsukiuta Animation 2


The Season 2 story revolves around Tokyo idol unit Six Gravity, the group with characters representing December to May, and their rivals, Procellarum, the group with idols born in Western Japan and representing June to November.

Both groups happen to live in the same dorm. The story portrays their daily lives, the moments they share, the stress accompanied by being a Tokyo Idol, and more.

The second season will be animated by Children’s Playground Entertainment, with Yukio Nishimoto replacing Itsuro Kawasaki as director and Natsuko Takahashi replacing Itsuro Kawasaki and Sayaka Harada as a writer. The rest of the cast will reprise their roles.

The second season’s two OP theme songs – “Paint It Black” by Six Gravity and “White Sparks” by Procellarum were already released simultaneously on June 26.

“Paint It Black” by Six Gravity:

“White Sparks” by Procellarum:


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