TV anime adaptation of Sword Art Online: Progressive announced

Sword Art Online: Progressive: An addition in the list of coming anime series had been marked on Saturday, 19th September 20 which is the anime adaptation of Reki Kawahara’s six volume light novel series known as Sword Art Online: Progressive has been announced. Delve below the article to know more about this upcoming anime series.


Sword Art Online: Progressive TV Anime Series:

It was announced recently on the official site of Sword Art Online in which the, Anime visuals had been released along with it, a small video or we can say a trailer had been released too.


Sword Art Online: Progressive TV Anime Series: What’s The Release Date?

The release date has not yet disclosed at first announcement of the TV anime series only the visuals and a small video had been released. The release day will come soon at the time of writing of this series, that will be updated to you as soon we get the exact release details

Sword Art Online: Progressive

Sword Art Online: Progressive TV Anime Series: What’s In The Trailer?

The trailer gave us some sorts of hints about the expected plot, It will revolve around Asuna who will be the lead in the anime series, it will be following the o journey of Asuna throughout the Aincrad. Although she played an important part in the first season of the show, but the viewers only get to look her through the perspective of Kirito, which led her to be absent mostly in the series as they both were mostly apart and were not always together in the initial stages of the game. This new anime adaptation will show the viewers to fill the absence and cliffs of what was happened in those instances.

About Sword Art Online:

It is one of the prominent franchise dealing in publishing light novels, anime series, not only this, it had made original movies as well as video games, and spinoff anime also.


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