Unholy Blood Chapter 84 Spoiler and Latest Updates

Unholy Blood

Made by Lina I’m with the assistance of Jeong Hyeon Kim, “Unholy Blood” is a Supernatural Webtoon Original. New chapters of the webtoon are released every Monday and Thursday. This Korean webtoon originally premiered on the site Naver.


Unholy Blood


Spoilers: Unholy Blood

Chapter 84 of “Unholy Blood” starts with Levi sitting at the top watching Hayan fight her minions. Hayan stands fearlessly in front of Levi, making direct eye contact, and asks her when she will put an end to this situation.

We also finally get a glimpse of the past of Levi and Yohan in this chapter. It is revealed that Yohan had actually saved Levi way back when she was still an innocent human being. And due to her thankfulness and curiosity, Levi keeps on secretly following him to perhaps return the favor somehow but of course, Yohan catches her. In an attempt to scare her and get her to stop following him. Yohan shows Levi his true form but much to his surprise, Levi does not bat an eye.

She then continues to follow Yohan pledging her loyalty to him and keeps her loyalty even after she is turned into a vampire. She grows affectionate towards Yohan as time passes but then this thought dawns on her that she has never seen Yohan smile. Then when she finally does see him smile, he smiles because of Hayan. Call it immature jealousy, but this is the reason Levi has always hated Hayan.

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Levi’s Reveals 

Back to the present, Levi reveals her plan where she thinks Yohan will become stronger once he acquires Hayan’s heart. Meanwhile, the condition of Euntae Hwang is seen worsening. Amidst the battlefields, Hayan managed to override Levi’s hypnosis over her minions and re-hypnotize them.

Hayan then proceeds to state that if you have to shed blood to be loved, it’s not real love. This statement really angers Levi and the fight between the two of them commences. During the fight, Hayan overpowers Levi so to try to win, Levi releases all the acid of the house on Hayan.

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