Uzaki chan Wants To Hangout Episode 9 Release Date and Much More

Uzaki-chan Wants To Hangout

Uzaki-chan Wants To Hangout Episode 9: It is all set to get released wherein we will see another epic episode of both Shinichi and Hana. This anime is of comedy genre which initially started off with rom-com and escalated towards good humor and storyline. It is a loyal adaptation of the original manga.


So if you are wanting to know the progress of the next episode and what it will offer us, then here’s what we know so far about it.


Uzaki-chan Wants To Hangout Episode 9 – When will it release?

The ninth episode of Uzaki-chan Wants To Hangout is scheduled to release on September 4, 2020, at 8.30 PM JST. This upcoming episode is titled “Tsuki Uzaki Wants A Thrill?.”

Uzaki-chan Wants To Hangout Episode 9 – Where to watch?

This anime can be streamed on AnimeLab and on Funimation with original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Uzaki-chan Wants To Hangout Episode 9 – Spoilers

The anime revolves around Shinichi, who attends the first day of college and coincidentally met an old school mate named Uzaki. Uzaki introduced herself as one of his previous classmates and moments after that, both of them went to their own paths.

Uzaki chan Wants To Hangout Episode 9

But later on, we see Uzaki observing Shinichi from a distance and gets agitated about his loner life. As the story progresses, Shinichi is seen hanging out at the same spot all alone. So Uzuki finally decided to give him company which however he didn’t ask for.

She is by his side every time, hanging around everywhere with him. Shinichi never complained about her company, but to his dismay, she once landed him in some embarrassing situations.

The audience, as well as Uzuki, know that this happens unknowingly, but it’s always Shinichi who suffers. Once they got so close to each other that she asks his permission of staying at his place as it was closer to the college. But this conversation was loud enough for everyone to stare at them in the restaurant.

Uzuki never misses any opportunity in teasing him no matter where they are. So as a viewer, Shinichi might be a loner, but we can’t help but wonder as to how long will he be able to tolerate this. This answer will certainly be given in the next episodes.

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