Waka Hirako’s My Broken Mariko Manga Has Won The Bros. Comic Award 2020

Waka Hirako

TV Bros. magazine of Tokyo News Service awarded My broken Mariko manga by Waka Hirako the Bros. Comic Award 2020. The December issue of the magzine is going to be launched on Friday, that is twenty three October and it will feature the content which is related to manga. The content will include an interview with Hirako as well. Two different cover variants will also be featured in the December issue. The variants include a regular version an Amazon limited edition, which have been both illustrated by Hirako.


If you want to read the manga you can download it from the official site of Yen press from tenth November. It has licensed the manga and will start publishing it in English in a hardcover form from next month.



The storyline of the manga revolves around Tomoyo Shiino, an ill-tempered office assistant who becomes determined to get to the bottom of the mystery behind the death of her friend Mariko. This manga has a story which highlights the feelings of sisterhood and romance.

My Broken Mariko
My Broken Mariko

The two girls share a soulful connection, which is evident by the struggles Shiino goes through to get justice for her friend. Tomoyo has supported her friend through the toughest of times when she was abused, and abandoned.


The manga was originally published in this year that is 2020 in the month of January. The title of the manga itself refers to the things that Mariko goes through as a woman, she is depressed and abandoned by everyone.

Her friend Shiino is driven over the edge when she learns that her friend is dead. The manga has been rated four stars out of five by goodreads and has received positive reviews by the fans and critics as well. The plot of the manga was given by Yen press as well.


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