We Never Learn Chapter 176: Release Date, Spoilers, and much more!

We Never Learn Chapter 176 or Bouken is a popular shonen manga that revolves around Yuiga Nariyuki. It keeps the audience engaged with its plotlines and beautiful artwork.


As chapter 176 ended on an intense moment −Senpai performing the surgery; naturally fans are biding their time for the next chapter.


Here everything you need to know about We Never Learn Chapter 176.

 We Never Learn Chapter 176: Release Date

Chapter 176 will be releasing on 4th October 2020. No hiatus is reported. So, the manga will launch on next Sunday as always.

We Never Learn Chapter 176: where you can read it?

You can catch up with the next chapter for free on Viz Media and Mangaplus.


We Never Learn Chapter 175: Recap

After Asumi and Nariyuki wake up, they realize that their students are missing. As they, reach near the docks they saw Sayaka and Masao, who tells them that Tiggy is missing.

Hearing this, Nariyuki decides to jump in the river to save Tiggy. Even, though he doesn’t know how to swim and despite Asumi telling him to wait for the rescue team; he jumps in the water with a rope attached to the docks

As he submerged in the water, he reveals to Senpai about the death of his father tells her to save him if anything happens to her.

However, the dock collapses, and Nariyuki is thrown in the river and suddenly Asumi’s father came to the rescue. He managed to fetch Nariyuki out of the water, but in the process injures his arm.

Nariyuki is still in critical condition and needs to be treated immediately.

As Asmui’s father can no longer perform the surgery, Asumi recalls Nariyuki’s last words to her and revolves to perform the surgery herself.


We Never Learn manga series is written and illustrated by Taishi Tsutsui. CamAellia Nieh translated the series into English.


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