We never learn: Will there be a season 3? What we know so far.

We never learn: Also known as Bokuben is a Japanese Shonen Manga written and illustrated by Taishi Tsutsui. The love for anime series has gradually grown nowadays especially among the children. Talking about anime series the first name that strikes our mind is Shonen Manga. The famous Japanese Anime series ‘We never learn’ follows the story of Nariyuki Yuiga, a high school student tasked with tutoring three female geniuses as they start to gradually develop romantic feelings for him.


It is being published in the weekly magazine from 2017. As of now, it has 15 volumes. Last year, Arvo Animation and Silver Studio adapted and turned the magazine into a television series.


Release Date We never learn:

Season 1 of the series aired on 7 April 2019. The second season aired on October 6 the same year. However, as of now, we have no updates regarding the renewal of the next season or confirmation of production. As per sources, the series has more than 150 chapters out of which 90 have been covered in the 2 seasons. So this brings us a ray of hope for Season 3 as there is enough material for the studio for the upcoming season. If this happens, we may surely see the series by mid-2021. We will keep you updated through our articles.


Characters: We never learn

The entire story revolves around  Nariyuki Yuiga and the main character will be voiced by Ryota Osaka. Haruka Shiraishi will return to voice as Fumino Furuhasi. Miyu Tomita will come back along with Lynn and Sayumi Suzushiro.

Storyline: We never learn

Nariyuki Yuiga tutors three geniuses in distinct subjects in order to get a university scholarship. Three of them are good in one subject and lack behind in the others. Literature interests Fumino Furuhasi but she hates Mathematics. On the other hand, Rizu Ogata likes Mathematics and dislikes literature. But, Uruka Takemoto’s interest lies in the athletic field. She doesn’t seem to be interested in any subject. Together, they study hard and work on their worse subjects.

Expected Plot: Season 3

There need to be some spoilers for the next season. Though the first season ended well, according to the magazine, if Season 3 comes up, we may know who the protagonist Nariyuki is in love with. The season will end up revealing who out of the five female characters Yugi is in love with.

We presume that the production house will definitely bring the next season. Till then, enjoy the first two seasons, if you haven’t watched them yet.

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