Wixoss Diva(A)Live reveals Teaser, Cast, Staff, Story, premiere January 202

Wixoss Diva(A)Live: Takara Tomy, the Japanese entertainment company, who had been the producer of the famous Dark Fantasy game series WIXOSS had added a new website for the TV anime series of the game series WIXOSS.


On the website, the details like the cast, the storyline, staff members, and other details have been disclosed which we have covered in this article just for you, so delve below to know more.


Wixoss Diva(A) Live: What’s The Release Date?

The announcement for this game based TV anime series had been at first given in March 2020 and was expected to be release in fall, in the same year, but because of the prevailing Covid-19 however, the release of anime series got delayed and now it’s expected to be release in 2021, in January month.

Wixoss Diva(A) Live: Cast & Character Description

Saya Fukuzumi will be the voiceover of Hirana Asu,

Hirana Asu, is the leader of of the diva trio named as “No Limit.” She is the first year high school student who has a big admiration for Mugen Shojo who is a legendary diva, She had been admiring her since childhood, and had a dream of becoming one of the top diva one day

Haruka Shiraishi will be the voiceover for Rei Sakigake.

She is one of the member of the same group” No Limit.” Rei is the class representative of her school, and according to her character she is a silent genius, but besides being genius, she had some hidden passion in her which she reveals in the Wixossland and get praised.

Shizuku Hoshinoya will be the voiceover for Akino Onko

She is also the member of “No Limit.” She had garnered more knowledge regarding the Wixoss than the others and had followed Hirana in the Diva Battle after some coaxing.


Wixoss Diva(A) Live: Details Of The Staff Members.

Masato Matsune will be the director for the Wixoss Diva(A) Live anime series at the J.C. Staff entertainment company. with Tsuyoshi Tamai will be the script writer who will oversee the scripts NC Empire will be handling the the visual designs as well as the original character designs, accompanying her Ui Shigure will be making the anime’s character designs. Yoshinori Saito will be the audio director, and Maiko Iuchi will be the music composer for the coming series.

Wixoss Diva(A) Live: What Will Be The Story Of The Series?

The story will show the “Wixoss” card game which will be moving to a virtual “Wixossland” space, The game lets the players to be in their favorite LRIG avatars. The famous format of the game is the “Diva Battle,” According to which three players can make a team for competing against the other for the “Selector” fans. The units are diverse some are idol-themed, Or DJ- and band-themed.

Is The Teaser Released?

The teaser also had been uploaded on the website, you can go to its official website and can check it there.


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