Youjo Shachou Anime adaptation will be arriving soon

Youjo Shachou manga

Office comedy manga series, Youjo Shachou is going to be adapted in anime series, disclosed in the statement by its maker Odeko Fujii, Read to know more:


Youjo Shachou Anime Series: Announcement

It was officially announced on Odeko Fujii’s Twitter handle that the manga series which had made everyone to roll with laughter , will be adapted in an anime series soon.


The announcement was made on Wednesday, 30th September by the Odeko Fujii who is the author of the manga series.

Youjo Shachou: Production And Release Date Details.

There was only the announcement for adaptation of the manga series into anime, and no further information had been shared by the author till yet. But we hope to get more details about the aspiring anime series by the makers soon

Youjo Shachou

Youjo Shachou: Cast Details.

Cast details were also not yet announced, by the makers we hope to gather details about the cast after getting the release date and production details

Youjo Shachou : What It Is All About

This, office comedy manga series Youjo Shachou, centers around the story of Najimu Mujina, who is the president of the Mujina Company, but she is neither a genius nor an adult person, but a fickle and aggressive little 5 year old girl ,and all the stuffs which adults generally do like like attending parties, making contracts, and being gregarious and social all these are something very new to her, which she hadn’t ever experienced.

The story shows her life and how she manages everything with the help of her staffs like her very capable and most lenient and generous secretary, her office worker whose nationality is not known, and her company’s employee, who always be the comedy man, her office worker of unknown nationality, and her employee who plat the comedy man role to her outrageous and amusing behavior.



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