Youjo Shachou manga announced to be adapted into an anime

Youjo Shachou manga

Are you also a fan of Youjo Shachou (Little Girl President ) just like me. If yes then here is good news for you. 


Youjo Shachou manga to be adapted into anime:

Youjo Shachou translated as Little Girl President is a gag manga by Odeko Fuji. The manga revolves around a girl aged 5 years who runs a corporation. As announced by author Odeko Fujii, the manga is now adapted into anime. The announcement for the adaptation of manga into an anime was done on the official twitter account. However, much is not known about the production of the anime.


Announcement of Youjo Shachou adaptation into anime done by Odeku Fujii

Though much is not revealed about the cast, crew, release window and format of the manga adapted anime, the news for its adaptation brings loads of happiness to the fans of  YoujoShachou. We assure you that as soon as there is an update about the production of the anime, we will inform you.

Youjo Shachou

Youjo Shachou: the story  of the five-year-old ordinary girl as a president 

Story of Youjo Shachou revolves around a 5-year-old named Najimu Mujina. It’s about her adventures being the old president of Mujina company. Nevertheless, she is no genius child. Also, it’s not like that a  person is reincarnated in a child’s body. She is an ordinary girl, just like you and me. Hence, everything related to business seems to be new to her. Also, all those contracts and golfing with clients makes her excited. So Najimu navigates through the season of the business world with the help of some individuals including an overly indulgent secretary and an unidentified office clerk. Also, there is a company employee who plays the role of a straight man. The manga is serialised on Kadokawa’s ComicWalker website.


For more updates about Youjo Shachou, stay tuned with us.


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