Yuji Nishimura’s Space Academy, a web manga series to release in 2021

Space Academy: It was announced through A.I.R’s official Twitter that Yuji Nishimura’s web manga titled Uchū Nanchara Kotetsu-Kun is influencing a television anime series. So here is all the information regarding in new anime series.


It’s time to fly in stars as the TV anime adaptation of Yuji Nishimura’s comedy web manga series, Space Academy (also known as Uchuu Nanchara Kotetsu-Kun) in Japan is all ready to get released.


On 12 September, on space day, a new trailer was released alongside some unique illustration by the Manga creators. Also, on Twitter, it was announced that the show is called ready to blast off very soon.

The release date for the anime

On the 12th of September, it was also announced that when the show is coming. The show will be ready in April 2021 to get the premiere. Alongside the release date of the new anime, the trailer is also released, and some very unique and Beautiful illustrations by the Manga creator were also there.

Space Academy

In the new one minute trailer, it was shown where it will going to take place and who will be the main characters.

Some details about Space Academy

Hazumu Sakuta and Yuichi Katou will direct the Space Academy. It is produced by Fanworks studio, which is also responsible for the musical comedy anime series Aggretsuko. Yoichi Kato writes the script for the new space anime.

Space Academy storyline

Space Academy follows the life of Kotetsu-Kun; it was an adventure-based Manga. Kotetsu-Kun dreams of becoming an astronaut. The story follows Kotetsu-Kun and his friends at the animal’s Space academy.

As he and his friends work a lot and try their best for the dreams, do come true. So 2021 has a lot more to serve us, not just movies and films but also in anime series. To know more about the Anime, stay connected.


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