Yurei Deco Episode 5 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know !

Your Deco Episode 5 Release Date

Your Deco Episode 5 Release Date: This weekend marks the release of Yurei Deco Episode 5. In July 2022, the Yurei Deco television series will debut. It was written by Dai Sat, directed by Tomohisa Shimoyama, and animated by Science SARU. Hack introduces Berry to the Ghost Detectives Club, a group of “socially dead” individuals working for Tom Sawyer through invisibility after Berry meets him and is tricked by her into thinking he’s a boy. Berry learns about Zero, an enigmatic entity concealed in the city, via Tom Sawyer’s Underground, with whom he spends a lot of time. Berry pursues Zero with Hack, and the two of them discover the city’s mystery together.


In the fourth episode of the Yurei Deco anime, titled “The Yurei Detective Club,” Finn is seen assisting in the false deaths of Berry and Hack, which causes Berry to lose access to her Love and turn into a Yurei four months after the incident. Arriving and asking the YDC for help in locating his missing Deco avatar is a man by the name of Matsumame. Berry and Hack are forced to relocate to a Yurei community and sign up for Finn’s Yurei Detective Club. The following episode is anticipated by the audience.


Your Deco Episode 5 Release Date

Quick Recap Of Yurei Deco Episode 4

It’s good to watch science fiction programs with futuristic settings, like this one where avatars are required by law. Such a program is Yurei Deco, whose current episode, while not the most physically appealing, does have a terrific sense of comedy. However, Berry learning that Customer Center “managers” may access confidential archived data and the entire detective team learning that people are having their avatars taken as a result of love theft provide us with further world-building.

I was surprised by this episode because it gave us a better look at Yurei society. Our initial shock was being removed from the futuristic civilization after three episodes of becoming used to it. Also, when we meet him in the “real” world, his virtual clothes—which I hadn’t noticed in earlier episodes—look very different from actual clothing. I hadn’t seen that previously, so it was probably simply a case of my being blind.

I found it intriguing to watch Berry conduct her research. She doesn’t yet possess nearly the expertise of Hack, but it was encouraging to see that she was able to execute some reliable research and even broke into her parents’ computer once more to discover a significant clue. This episode seemed like a soft reset for Berry because the first three episodes were all about acclimating to the cityscape, so I was highly interested in what happened in it. And despite their conclusion that their daughter was mistaken, it might still be too late after Berry found the hint for them to explore and Hack caught a pigeon at the end of the episode. This will undoubtedly feature prominently in future plotlines. What will happen after that intrigues me greatly.

Your Deco Episode 5 Release Date

Your Deco Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth episode of Yurei Deco will air on July 31, 2022, on Sunday at 11:00 PM (JST). US viewers can watch Yurei Deco Episode 5 at 19:00 (Pacific Time) (PT). Midnight, Central Time (CT). 23:00 Eastern Standard Time (ET). Your Deco Episode 5 will be available to Indian viewers at 19:30 India Standard Time (IST). The episode’s name has not yet been made public.

Know More About Yurei Deco Anime

It starts when Hack, a female who appears to be a boy, meets Berry, a girl from a typical home. Berry joins the Ghost Detectives Club after being charmed by Hack. Members of this club operate covertly in Tom Sawyer’s digitally controlled society as they are “socially dead.” Berry discovers Zero, a shadowy person that hides in Tom Sawyer’s subterranean while working with the group. Together, she and Hack decide to find this person and learn the truth about the city.

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