Best Internet for Business in Rural Areas

Best Internet for Business in Rural Areas


When it comes to high-speed internet and better connections, rural areas are often at a disadvantage. Fiber and cable internet is scarce in these areas and even businesses have to rely on internet technologies that are not their first priority.


The situation worsens further when users don’t even know about internet connection types and what would be the best option for them.

So to help with that, we will explain the common types of internet connections available in the rural areas and the best service providers that use those connections to offer internet services to business customers.

Types of internet connection for business in Rural areas

There are generally four types of internet connections available that can be used by both business and residential customers. These connections are as follow:

  • DSL Internet

DSL internet connection uses phone lines to offer internet services and ensures connectivity. Since phone lines are still common in rural areas, there is a good chance that people can also get internet services as well. Providers like CenturyLink and Windstream are well known for using such connections to deliver internet services.

  • Satellite

As the name suggests, satellite internet uses satellite technology to offer internet services. Hence, there is no need to be connected to a wired network and works well even at the remotest locations. The download speed is also good and can support regular tasks such as emails, video calls, software connectivity, etc. Currently, two good options are available for people who want to have a satellite connection; HughesNet internet and Viasat.

  • Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless internet works somewhat like satellite internet because it uses a wireless antenna to receive signals. However, instead of using satellite as a medium to send and receive signals, it connects with a wireless tower that is further connected to some wired infrastructure.

Fixed wireless offers better speeds compared to many other options. But the downside is that it requires a clear line of sight from the tower to your home.

  • Mobile Wireless Internet

Mobile wireless internet is a recent addition to rural internet options compared to other connection types. It relies on data signals transmitted to your device using the cellular network available nationwide.

Now we know about the connection types, let’s see what are the best internet options for businesses in rural areas.

Best Business Internet in Rural Areas


  1. HughesNet Internet

Our top pick for business internet in rural areas is none other than HughesNet satellite internet. The major reason behind that is HughesNet is available everywhere. No matter you have an office space in a town or have a diner somewhere near a highway, there are good chances that you will be able to get HughesNet.

Besides that, it offers the same download speed of up to 25 Mbps in all areas. So you don’t have to wonder whether you will be able to get the same speed as everyone because of the location of your location.

HughesNet offers 5 business plans that offer data ranging from 35 GB to 250 GB while the prices start from $69.99 and go up to $469.99 per month. This gives you the option to choose a data plan that suits your business needs.

  1. CenturyLink DSL

CenturyLink DSL is the second-best option for business internet as it offers the download speed ranging from 10 Mbps to up to 940 Mbps. Moreover, the prices start at $44.99 and go up to $154.99 per month. That makes it one of the most economical business internet options in the rural US.

In addition to that, CenturyLink internet also offers a good amount of data every month that can support your business operations without paying any extra charges.

However, the downside of CenturyLink is that you might not be able to get all the plans in your area. That is because the speed depends upon your location. And the further you are from the network center, the lower are the chances to get a good speed.

  1. AT&T Fixed Wireless

AT&T fixed wireless is another good option for business internet, especially when you need a good internet speed at a lower monthly cost.

Though the speed varies by location, you can get a download speed of up to 25 Mbps with the fixed wireless connection from AT&T. In case that speed is not available, the minimum speed that you will get would be 10 Mbps.

Along with that, AT&T offers 350 GB data with this plan. If customers go over this monthly limit, an additional 50 GB of data is automatically added to their account for $10. In case your business needs more data, you can buy data for a maximum of $200 per month.

The best part about this is the price as the AT&T fixed wireless business plan starts from $70 per month. Customers can also get a discount of $10 on the prices if they bundle any other AT&T services along with this plan.

Summing Up

Business internet options in rural areas are based on your location. At times, people have access to all the options such as satellite, DSL, and even fixed wireless. But mostly there will be only one or two options available. So, the choice will depend upon your needs as well as what you can get. That’s why always evaluate your needs and options before making any decisions.