Erik Finman Net Worth: How Rich is The Young Entrepreneur?

Today, we are going to talk about one of the important names in entrepreneurship, Erik Finman. Read on find out more about him. He is considered as the youngest Bitcoin Millionaire at the moment. Moreover, he has gotten a lot of publicity over the fact that he has launched his new array of smartphones known as Freedom smartphones.


These new developments have raised a lot of questions about him. This is usually related to the fact as to how he has amassed a lot of wealth in such a short amount of time. People all around the world have been asking this question and his success and want to know how much is he worth.Therefore, we thought that we should be dealing with these questions. Hence, read on to find out more about this entrepreneur.


Erik Finman: The Cryptocurrency man

The recent rise of Bitcoin and its immense rise in value has involved the whole world in a debate. Crytocurrencies have been invited investors all around the world. But, the whole world of crypto has been fraught with volatility. Some people have been calling it a bubble and have warned others before taking the decision to invest in the same. Whereas, some have amassed a lot of wealth by investing in the same.

Erik Finman is one of those people who seems to have grown his investment a lot of times. He had invested in crypto since he was a child and now he is a millionaire. The best part is that he is only 22 years of age.

Erik Finman: Net Worth

Currently, Finman is worth about $5 million. He first started an education company but then sold the same for about 300 bitcoins. When the value of bitcoins hit $2700, he sought to sold all of them.

Now, he has started his venture into smartphones.

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