What Is The Parker Schnabel Net Worth? Career And Early Life Etc!

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

The Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Parker Schnabel Net Worth : Parker Schnabel is an American gold digger and unscripted tv star who has a total assets of $8 million. He is most popular for featuring on the long running unscripted television show Gold Rush and its side project Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Early Life Of ParkerĀ 

Parker Russell Schnabel was brought into the world in Haines, Alaska on July 22, 1994. His folks are Roger and Nancy Schnabel, and he has a sibling, Payson. Parker Schnabel has been associated with mining since he was only five years of age. Parker grew up working for his granddad John Schnabel’s mining organization, Big Nugget. He began working large equipment before his feet might actually contact the pedals.


Parker Schnabel was still in secondary school when he acquired fame and played in the varsity b-ball group. An eager wayfarer and outdoorsman, Parker planned to zero in on geography or mining concentrates on in school, determined to get back to run the family mine. He took over day to day tasks of the mine subsequent to graduating. After his granddad John ventured down from one day to another tasks of the mine, Parker stepped in to fill his shoes. He assumed control and drove a group of diggers over two times his age and showed he been able to see as serious gold. Parker settled on the dubious choice to, rather than attending a university, to create some distance from his home mining region to look for new fortunes in the Yukon domain. He tapped his own school trust asset to use as seed cash for the activity.

Know The Reality TV

Parker is one of the subjects of the Discovery Channel series, “Dash for unheard of wealth Alaska”, likewise referred to just as “Dash for unheard of wealth”, which appeared in 2010. His support in the series is striking for the episodes in which he endeavored to assist the excavators at the Porcupine Creek with guaranteeing, just to find that they knew close to nothing about the thing they were doing. The fourth time of the show portrays his choice to strike out all alone away from his family mine. In Parker’s most memorable year of running his own mining activity, he found an amazing 1029 oz of gold. Schnabel additionally featured in the unscripted tv series Gold Rush: The Dirt from 2012 to 2016. In 2017 he featured in the side project unscripted television series Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. He has filled in as a maker on each of the three shows. Parker has mined a sum of more than $13 million bucks worth of gold by age 24.

His Personal Life

Parker Schnabel dated Australian veterinary medical attendant Ashley Youle. She highlighted on the unscripted TV drama, working in the Klondike close by him. In December 2018, Parker declared the two had divided following two years. In 2019, it was reputed that he was engaged with another adoration, aide maker for his show Sheena Cowell. He is a self-claimed obsessive worker who focuses on his mining work over private life. He purchased his fantasy house in Alaska, a rambling chateau with all cutting edge conveniences worth more than $950 thousand. In January 2017, Parker maddened fans when he took to Facebook to declare he would before long be uncovering his child to the world, just to contort the plot and uncover that the “child” being referred to was a fuzzy friend his new canine.

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