Bombay High Court asks cotton farmers to put forth their grievances regarding the lapses on part

The Aurangabad bench of Bombay High Court asked to all cotton farmers from state Maharashtra to put forth their grievances on Tuesday that regarding the lapses on part of the Maharashtra government and other relevant authorities which including the Cotton Corporation of India (i.e. CCI) and Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC).


The bench said, “That court is allowing farmers to put forth their grievance of any nature with respect to the policy that adopted by the govt for purchasing cotton. They can also voice their grievance if they have suffered a loss due to this policy. Accordingly, Farmers will have to also produce documents which show that they were compelled to sell cotton to private traders, as it was not purchased by the govt, and thus, suffered losses.” The court has been assured the farmers that their names would not be even disclosed at all. The bench then told that if such was the case that online procurement, then the farmers can have been compelled to sell cotton at lower rates to the traders as well. “We will also like to know why the authorities did not even procure cotton by using the offline mode. Let there be a detailed affidavit in this regard and also till then the govt must procure most of the cotton from the farmers,” as Justice Nalavade told when placing the matter for hearing on 12th June.


 Bombay High Court
When that contacted, PK Agrawal, CMD, the Cotton Corporation of India (i.e. CCI) stated that the CCI that is the main nodal agency for procurement of cotton in the country together with the Maharashtra Marketing Federation which has been purchasing around 70,000 to 80,000 quintals on a daily basis from farmers and nearly about 23.5 lakh bales have been procured from Maharashtra very far. The CCI would do accordingly its best to purchase from small and marginal farmers and shall continue the procurement till the onset of monsoon so also continue the procurement after the monsoon as well.


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