CavinKare launches ‘SaaFoo’ washes brand to cleanse vegetable, fruit & meat to prevent from covid-19

On Friday, FMCG company CavinKare launched its brand ‘Saafoo’. It is available in easy to use sachetsvand 500 ml packages for washing fruit, vegetables and meat. The brand will have two products under it-‘SaaFoo veggies and Fruit wash’ and ‘SaaFoo Meat Wash’.


CavinKare holds business interest in several domains including personal care, professional care, dairy, snacks, food and beverages and even salons. The company has its headquarters in Chennai and is the first FMCG to bring in a cleansing liquid for food items. The liquid has been designed to remove chemicals or germs from the food we consume, that can be harmful for our health. It is made with cent percent food grade ingredients. Also, it is assured that the liquid will not leave any aftertaste.


This product has been launched in the view that most people really only on water for washing these essentials. It will thus, help consumers to maintain effective hygienic practices. Introducing these sachets will probably assist several families and households to develop safer eating habits. Safety is consuming food shall be ensured.


It is made by mixing neem, salt, apple cider vinegar and turmeric. All this ingredients are known to have antimicrobial characteristics. On Kirana stores and e-commerce outlets ‘SaaFoo veggies and fruit wash’ is priced and Rs. 99 for 500ml and ‘SaaFoo meat wash’ is sold at Rs. 120 for the same quantity.

Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan, director & CEO of CavinKare, said, “The company has been synonymous with sachet revolution in the FMCG industry for many years. Keeping this in mind, we have brought brand SaaFoo vegetables and fruits wash in a sachet format to support our consumers and bring about a sea change in the way food is cleaned. We felt the need for developing a specific wash for meat and seafood keeping in mind their rigorous wash routine, so that consumers can consume their food with lot more confidence during these times.”


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