Coal india armm to see viability of merge of NTPC ‘s two mines in Chattisgarh

The consultancy of coal India arm that CMPDIL roped in by NTPC to make the separate mining plans for the Banai and Bhalumuda coal mines in Chhattisgarh with an aim to maximize the extractable reserves that by merging operations of the two mines. The coal ministry asked NTPC to prepare separate mining plans for both the blocks, as an official said.


“In March 2018, NTPC requested the coal ministry to consider the merger of these mines. After pursuing it for the past two years, in February this year, the coal ministry asked NTPC for separate mining plans and asked the PSU to try for more mine capacity,” as the official said. In accordance with the preliminary estimates before exploration, the total extractable reserve assessed by the coal ministry was about 1,000 million tonnes from these two mines.
When NTPC consulted CMPDIL, the latter told that if both the blocks were merged they could produce an additional 125 million tonne, as like the official said. Both blocks in Chhattisgarh are adjacent to eachother and also facing difficulty in dumping of the overburden as the areas surrounding both the blocks are coal-bearing and NTPC can not get such land from Coal India, as the words given by the official.

The stripping ratio of those blocks is also very high, more than 7.5 cubic meters per tonne, necessitating more area for overburden dumping, as the official told. Both blocks allotted to NTPC in March 2015 and also the production is expected by 2022-2023 if the coal ministry allows merging or combined operation of these 2 mines by September, as the official said.

CMPDIL is a premier consultant in open pit and underground mine planning and design in coal, lignite, and other minerals. It has prepared over 900 mining project reports with individual project capacity up to 25 million tonnes per annum, according to its website.


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