Da 5 Blood, Everything you need to know about Spike Lee’s Da 5 Blood.

Everything you need to know about the Brand new Netflix movie Da 5 Blood by Spike Lee.

General trivia:

This movie is made by the Oscar-winning director Spike Lee. Da 5 Blood takes us back to the Vietnam War. This movie is a very strong take on the socio-political position of Black people in America. This movie becomes more relevant keeping in mind the current movement of “Black Lives Matter”.


About the director: Da 5 Blood

Spike Lee is an Oscar winning film maker. His BlacKkKlansman won the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar in 2019. That movie is a critique of black oppression. Lee makes movies which are bold enough to critique the system and make strong statements. This story is about four war veterans who have come together to pay respects to someone they’ve lost and reconnect with each other. It might sound like a ordinary thriller movie but it has more to it. It is interesting to watch how the movie makes tie with the current political turmoil in America.


Lee makes a very strong statement about the socio-political issues black people have been facing. The movie focuses on the black war veterans and how they not only face the general problems every war soldier faces but also the compound problems for being black. And how racism and oppression are inevitable that even after fighting for the country they have to face it.
Da 5 Bloods is about four Black Vietnam War veterans. They all decide return to Vietnam for certain objectives. The movie is not set-up in the Vietnam war, the war is long gone.

Da 5 Blood

Plot : Da 5 Blood

These men decide to go back to Vietnam together to pay respects to and retrieve one of their fallen comrade, who apparently was their squad leader and mentor. But this not their only objective. They are back also in order to find gold they buried long time ago.

What’s unique about the film?

This movie is a composition of things that have changed and things that have not changed for the Black men since the war. Lee confronts a lot of race issues that are still prominent. He uses his expertise to resonate things which tell us about the systematic racism black people face generally in United States of America. He doesn’t hesitate and is very bold in displaying how racism effects a black person’s life.

Spike Lee attempts to voice a critique against the country which does not fight for people who fought for it. And all of this because of racial discrimination.

Why is this movie so important?

There could not be a better time to release Da 5 Blood given the immediate issue of George Floyd and the movement of “Black Lives Matter”.
This movie is made from the perspective of a black man which is a take on the lack of representation of black people or people of color in American war movies.


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