Facebook Launches new Applock feature for messenger

On Wednesday, Facebook made a new feature announcement to Facebook Messenger that comes as a major point of discussion in its privacy and security features. The new privacy and security features for Messenger has been declared by the company known as App lock. App Lock would allow users to add “another layer of security” to protect their messages on Facebook’s chatting domain called Messenger.


The new App lock feature allows users to lock Messenger. To access the chatting platform, it will then require an authentication method like Face ID or Touch ID.


Jay Sullivan, Director of Product Management, Messenger Privacy and Safety said in a statement that App Lock will let people add another layer of security to their private conversations. He also said that this would help prevent other people from accessing the same. The new feature, App Lock would use a device’s privacy settings like fingerprint or face authentication to unlock the Messenger app. Sullivan also made clear that one’s touch ID or face ID will not be transmitted to or stored by Facebook. Currently, the feature is accessible only to iPhone and iPad users and will come to Android in the coming months.


The Facebook Messenger feature is made available in the new Privacy settings section. The Privacy section acts as easy access to settings and several other features. The story audience, muted stories, and blocked people are some examples. With the help of App Lock and the Privacy section, you can customize your experience by choosing the desired settings.

Sullivan exclaimed that the company is always working to give its customers more control over their privacy and with the introduction of more privacy features its users can have a centralized place to find them;  moreover, the firm is also working on new controls to let users decide who goes to their requests folder, who can text or call them directly and who cannot message or call them at all, a little similar to the message controls on its another social media platform, Instagram.

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