Food fraud: Ten states unable to ensure food security; 15% of all samples sub-standard

India is facing food fraud problem with about 10 states that unable to ensure food safety and 15% of food samples failing to pass the quality tests. “The food regulator analyses a complete of 106,459 samples across India and finds over 15.8% food samples as sub-standard,so also 3.7% unsafe, and 9% mislabeled during the year 2018-19,” as Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA) told in a report on Tuesday. At least 10 states are unable to ensure food security in the country, according to FSSAI, as they lack the workforce and adequate food testing laboratory infrastructure.

food fraud

A research report by UP-based Harcourt Butler Technical University had also stated that Kanpur, that’s one among the most important markets for edible oil, has about 70% of adulterated mustard oil in the markets. Kanpur supplies other states with mustard oil. “Finding 70% adulteration in additional than 120 samples of oil of 30 big companies may be a dangerous sign. In 15% of the samples, mustard was but 20%, that is, it didn’t know what oil was,” the ASPA report said. food fraud Some of the food items are considered repeat offenders such as milk, oil, tea, coffee, etc as they have been found to have most diluted ingredients, according to ASPA. Other than various health issues associated with adulterated food, India also suffers a monetary loss due to counterfeit food items. The country is losing over Rs 1 lakh crore per annum because of the sale or purchase of counterfeit goods by consumers across all sectors, ASPA said in an earlier report. “Counterfeiting corrupts an economy by harming consumer rights, damaging brand equity, causing losses to industries and causing loss of state revenues,” as Authentication Solutions Providers’ Association (ASPA) told. The food sector is not the only area that is suffering from the menace of counterfeit goods. The issue is prevalent in sectors such as FMCG, auto, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, packaging, consumer durables, agriculture, fertilizers, etc.


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