Google Maps made easy: How to search and share your location even without an address

Google made searching for the addresses on Google Maps to make simpler by launching Plus Codes in India 2 years ago. A Plus Code is an open-source solution or feature of the Google Maps, that allows you to look for a given location across India and also globally without a known address. This comes particularly handy when you are not absolutely sure about an address that you want to locate on Google Maps.


“Plus Codes are often used for a good sort of reasons including communicating the venue of a short lived event, guiding emergency services to afflicted locations, and providing an identifiable location for complicated addresses,” as Google says. On Friday, Google also announced that it is making it easier for Google Maps users to share the Plus Codes with others. Sharing Plus Codes is a one-step or two processes, but only on Android. Google is looking to breathe fresh life into the Plus Codes, hoping more and more people will use this very convenient feature.


Plus Codes are a replacement quite addressing system designed by Google for the Google Maps which allow you to look for and share your exact location even without an address. Say, when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Plus Codes work across India as well as globally. Google system divides the geographical surface of the Earth into tiny tiled areas and attributes a unique code to each of them. This code comprises a “6-character + City” format and may be shared and searched by anyone.

To use the plus code, tap the blue dot which represents your current location on Google Maps to access your Plus Code. You can also choose any other random location too. Then share your location. On receiving a Plus Code, users need to simply enter it into Google Search/Google Maps, mobile or desktop, to show the location.


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