Lamborghini India is not witnessing any cancellations of bookings despite the health crisis

Italian super sports car maker Lamborghini is banking on a healthy order book to prevent huge sales dip in India this year because of the coronavirus pandemic situation as it resumes deliveries of vehicles from this month after restarting operations following lockdown relaxations, as according to a senior company official as well.


Whereas the new orders are slow to come by, Lamborghini India is not even witnessing any cancellations of the bookings, although some of the customers have asked for delayed deliveries because of the health crisis as well.


The company, which sold around 52 units of its super luxury vehicles that are priced above around Rs 2.5 crore in the country India last year, feels that its sales this year will not match that figure.
“This is the fair because this is the kind of an environment that you can’t push as well. Overall, I still see a positive sign that we are not seeing customers coming and saying now I don’t want to take the car,” Agarwal added.

From 8th June, the company had also reopened its dealerships after Unlock 1.0 and has resumed about of 50 percent operations as well. However the market is moving slowly and gradually, it remains uncertain how the year will go, Agarwal added.


Though the new orders will be primarily for next year, as Agarwal told – “we are still trying to see orders for November or December production, and also then they will start moving for next year. For some of the models, we are already taking orders for next year as well.”

Lamborghini – Stating that it remains quite uncertain as to how the year will pan out, he said, “We are taking each month as an independent unit and trying to work around that because it is very difficult to plan today what you want to do in Q3 and Q4.”

He, meanwhile, has expressed optimism that next year will be better as well.

“By the Q1 next year, the things will turn around as well as we don’t see 2021 as a challenge yet. If some positive results come by the end of Q3 and the beginning of Q1 in 2021, things will pick up,” Agarwal said.


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