Liquor Shop owners urge government to Permit home Delivery of Alcohol

The Confederation of Indian alcohol Companies has urged the ten states for allowing sale of alcohol ic beverages by saying that a blanket ban during the lockdown to contain corona virus has resulted in sale of illicit and spurious liquor while causing burden on exchequer.
The body noted that the nationwide lockdown and shutdown resulted in the shutdown of all wholesale and retail shops selling alcoholic beverages. The CIABC, which is apex body of Indian alcohol industries, has sent letters on Monday to CM of 10 states that’s Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.
CIABC Director General ‘Vinod Giri’ stated within the letter that – “there are growing reports of sale of illicit and spurious liquor within the state which may potentially cause serious health hazards for people as well as create adverse law and order situation. Alcohol is one of the most important sources of revenue for state governments and by shutting down retail shops, states are depriving themselves of the tax revenues that are so vitally required in fighting the coronavirus pandemic”.


It suggested that the state govts may do so by placing reasonable control measures such as curtailed shop timings and directing the outlets to strictly follow the social distancing norms.
The body also asked for issue of online permits and permissions enabling wholesalers in a state to receive and supply stocks to off-shops during prescribed hours. It pleaded for the issue of relevant permits, permissions and approvals for facilitating stock movement and receipt to and within the state.
The CIABC told recognizing the threats to public health and law and order, some of the state govts have taken proactive measures and directed relaxation in shutdown and lockdown orders for the alcoholic beverages shops. Some have also mooted the thought of allowing home delivery of alcoholic beverages to deserving cases, it added.


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