Maharashtra govt’s scheme to deal with excess milk yet to take off

Maharashtra government’s plan to manage overabundance flexibly of milk by urging dairies to change over the abundance milk into powder and margarine has not taken off true to form. A month after the declaration, rather than the focused on 10 lakh liters of abundance milk that should have been acquired every day from ranchers, the agreeable dairies are securing just around 5 lakh liters. The state government had vowed to give assets to the dairies to acquiring 10 lakh liters of abundance milk every day. The administration made it obligatory for dairies to pay ranchers at any rate Rs 25 for each liter of milk and the plan was on till May 31. Dairies says they are yet to get installments from the administration, while the administration says dairies are yet to submit rancher information. Prakash Kutwal, secretary, Milk Producers and Processors’ Welfare Federation, said deals have gone somewhere around 40% during the lockdown time frame because of conclusion of lodgings, cafés and coffee bars. There was likewise no offtake from institutional buyers, for example, cooks, frozen yogurt producers and sweetmeat venders, Kutwal said.




Prior to the March 24 lockdown, dairies were paying Rs 29-30 for each liter however now dairies are paying ranchers Rs 21-22 for each litre.Maharashtra’s normal day by day assortment is around 1.30 crore liters. Of this, around 60% is offered to retail through pockets. Ranjit Deshmukh, executive, Mahananda, said just 5 lakh liters of mil k is being gathered regularly on the grounds that dairies couldn’t get more from ranchers. The state government has, in this manner, constrained the absolute acquisition of overabundance milk to four crore liters for which, ‘127 crore was saved. Numerous dairies dread their business will be hit if the legislature doesn’t pay them soon, he said. There are around 25 dairies in Maharashtra that are changing over their abundance milk stock into milk powder. Deshmukh said about 2.60 crore liter of overabundance milk has been secured up until this point and 2,100 ton of milk powder and 1,100 ton of spread have been readied. “The agreeable and some private dairies have been solicited to submit information from the ranchers who have gotten Rs 25 for each liter from them. In light of the information, the dispensing to the dairies will begin,” he said.


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