MCA allows companies to hold their AGMs by video conferencing

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) on Tuesday permitted organizations to hold yearly regular gatherings (AGMs) through video conferencing (VC) or some other broad media implies during 2020. This follows the service’s choice to permit organizations to direct extra-conventional regular gatherings (EGMs) through VCs.


Taking into account the proceeding with limitations on the development of individuals as a result of COVID-19 lockdown, it has been concluded that the organizations be permitted to direct their AGM through video conferencing, MCA said in the notice.


While the notice settled the large issue of holding an AGM as opposed to maintaining a strategic distance from it, there is still a parcel of unanswered inquiries. The MCA warning is quiet on the recording of participation of individuals, intermediaries and their privileges to cast a ballot, way of raising questions and their reactions, recording of minutes.

Additionally, organizations would need to guarantee certain balanced governance that the yearly exercise of organization exposures and partner conferences doesn’t get vain.

Firms would need to guarantee that investors can cast their votes through the e-casting a ballot framework – a settled guideline under Companies Act 2013.


In these gatherings, the organizations would think about just things, other than normal business, of extraordinary business, which is esteemed unavoidable by the board, the service said.

Because of challenges in sending physical duplicates of fiscal summaries, the service has permitted organizations to send their budget reports, alongside the board’s reports, reviewer’s reports, and other required records through email.

Furthermore, the organizations are required to give a window to investors to enrolling their order for moving profits electronically through the Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) or some other methods.

A month ago, the service had permitted organizations, whose monetary year finished on December 31, 2019, to hold their AGM by September 30. Be that as it may, with no clearness on when the lockdown will be lifted altogether, organizations had made a few portrayals to hold virtual AGMs.

As indicated by SN Ananthasubramanian, previous president ICSI and rehearsing organization secretary, “With movement limitations still on, home isolate and social removing being the standards, this unwinding following the administration booklets for holding of EGMs and expansion allowed for holding of AGMs is surely an inviting step” yet it is not yet clear how this developmental idea will really be executed and experienced.


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