Nirmala sitaraman guided finance ministry report says green signals in economy visible

Nirmala sitaraman – In a recent report finance ministry of India has clean that the green shoots of growth have already started to be visible in the economy. This statement comes as the country acknowledges India’s financial year 2021’s growth stated as a negative 4.5% by the international monetary fund.
The department of economic affairs has claimed that total digital retail financial transactions through NPCI hotels increased 2 rupees 9.65 lakh crore in May from rupees 6.71 lakh crore in also said that the consumption of petrol and petroleum products as increase to 146.46 lakh tonnes in May fromĀ  99.37 lakh tonnes in the month of April, marking arise of 47%. The sowing in kharif season also jumped up 104.3% year on year.
According to the report India has become world’s second largest manufacturer of personal protective equipment within just two months and without having any prior arrangements. Electric consumption declined from minus 24% in April to minus 15.2% to minus 11.3% in June as of June 28 2020

Nirmala Sitaraman
Nirmala sitaraman – Monetary development of pre-COVID times, as and when reestablished through more full opening of the economy, will vigorously incline toward the changes attempted today to improve its likely tomorrow, it said.
India’s financial development plunged to 4.2 percent in 2019-20 because of lower development in January-March quarter, for the most part inferable from the worldwide spread of COVID-19 since January 2020 and resulting lockdown measures across nations including India, the report said.