PM says FM’s measures could have transformative impact on health

PM Narendra Modi has praised the govt interventions announced by minister of finance Nirmala Sithraman on Sunday while delivering the fifth and final tranche of Rs 20 lakh crore package to revive the Indian economy, which is suffering the disastrous impact of the coronavirus pandemic. PM Modi said the announced reforms will have a transformative effect on the country’s health and education sectors.
Sitharaman announced reforms in the 7 sectors under the ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan’ envisaged by our prime minister. Her measures included increased investments in public health along with other reforms to prepare India for future pandemic situations. She also spoke of measures to encourage technology that driven education with equity after the worst of Covid-19 is over.


On the general public health front, she also announced that expenditure are going to be increased for investment in grass-root health institutions and also for ramping up health and wellness centers in rural and urban areas. She also told that the government will set up infectious disease hospital blocks in all districts and strengthen lab network and surveillance through the Integrated Public Health Labs in all districts & at block level enabling management of pandemics by labs & also public health units.The 5th and last tranche of economic stimulus announced by the govt. on Sunday will have a transformative impact on India’s health and education sectors, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said.
As P.M. tweeted – “Measures and reforms announced by the FM today will have a transformative impact on our health and education sectors. They will boost entrepreneurship, help public sector units and revitalise the village economy. Reform trajectories of the states also will get an impetus.”
The measures will be boost entrepreneurship, help the public sector units and revitalize the village economy, as the prime minister said in a tweet.



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